Workout of the week!

5 ROUNDS: 10x Calories on the assault bike 10x Burpees 10x Box jumps 10x Cleans 10x Deadlifts 10x Walking lunges with the plate above your head Check it out on our Facebook & Instagram page! From the IF Fam, we wish you all the best for 2020!

Workout of the week!

5 ROUNDS 10x Calories on the assault bike 10x Pressups 10x Goblet squats 10x Dumbell snatches (total) 10x Reverse lunges (total) 10x Jack knives 10x Man makers *** Same weight for all exercises! *** View the workout on our Facebook or Instagram page!

Workout of the week!

*CASH IN= 1 REPCO RUN (warm up) AMRAP in 15 minutes 10 Box Jumps (full extension with legs on top of the box) 5 Deadlifts @ 30/40/50….KG 16 Dead Ball Slams @ 9/12/15KG **Count how many rounds you can complete in 15 minutes** *CASH OUT = 50 BURPEES (timed)

Team Series!

3 Rounds for time….. 3 D/B Thrusters 5 Burpee box jumps 7 Deadlifts -Player 1 working through reps -Player 2 on assault Bike *At the end of all 3 rounds, you have to total 100 Calories on the assault bike

HIIT training

Workout of the Week!

Circuit #1 X 5 Rounds 300m Row (Resistance 7) 7 Burpee Box Jumps* (20”/24”) 3 Min Rest Max Circuit #2 X 5 Rounds 10 Cal Assault Bike 16 Alt D/B Snatches (8,10,12.5,15kg) *Alternative – Step Up Go Hard ?